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The Washington Post: This doctor’s tool kit includes a remedy from the past: House calls

As a kid, I aspired to be a farmer, a priest, a writer, a professional basketball player, a trial attorney and rich — in no particular order. “So what did you end up becoming?” I can hear some bosses, current and past, asking me. It’s good to have goals. Goals keep you going in a […]

Tuberculosis Q&A- Know the Facts

Recently, I came across an interesting article about pediatric tuberculosis.  I believe that accurate health informaiton helps families stay healthy and thrive. The following is a brief review of tuberculosis, so that families can work with their health care provider to identify risk factors that need further investigation. What Causes Tuberculosis?  Tuberculosis(TB) is a disease [&helli...

Dr. Hay Interview on Trailblazers.FM Podcast

Dr. Hay was a recent guest on the Trailblazers.FM podcast, a show devoted to exploring stories of successful black business professionals, entrepreneurs and thought leaders. You can listen to the show on the Trailblazers.FM blog, Apple iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and TuneIn.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Approach to Colic

As a pediatrician, I have diagnosed and managed lots of colicky babies.  Families often have lots of questions: What is colic? What is the cause? What can I do so that my baby will stop crying? I recently attended a medical conference with a wonderful evidence-based lecture on complementary and alternative medicine management of colic […]

Zika Virus Update 2016

I have received several questions about the Zika virus.  Families are concerned about the virus, its transmission, symptoms and complications.  Although the Zika virus investigation is evolving on a daily basis, I believe it is important for families to understand some basic facts about this illness. Zika Virus Disease and Transmission Zika was discovered in […]

Pediatric Concussion -Diagnosis and Management

The diagnosis and management of concussion is one of the most challenging treatment plans in pediatrics.  As a result of conflicting health recommendations, many parents are confused about what constitutes a concussion, treatment modalities and return to play/school criteria.   I believe when families understand that a concussion is a brain injury caused by mechanical forces [&helli...

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